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hey I have a bunch of books and buttons on sale in my online store! definitely check that out because they’re PRETTY GREAT imo. there’s a two-in-one 44 page ddouble ddigest and an exclusive mini called anime tentacle monsters. right now I’m only shipping to north america but I’ll open up international orders again soon.

cool friend lyon made a game that features mermaid comics characters! it’s called ATOLL YOU CAN EAT, is super fun, and you can play as kakinga the gorilla so I mean why wouldn’t you

finally I’ve set up a ko-fi! if you like what I do and wanna shoot me a couple bucks that’d be awesome, lemme know your favourite mermaid if you do and I’ll do a quick doodle. thanks!


unambiguous gaiety

unambiguous gaiety published on

hi everyone! couple things:

one, I’ve got an awesome bigcartel shop where you can buy stuff I’ve made. through to the end of 2016, mermaid comics #2 preorder profits go to planned parenthood, PPACT, or the trevor project (you get to pick! the book ships in january)

secondly, this is gonna be the last regularly scheduled update til probably january because I’m gonna be entirely swamped with day job stuff. I might try to sneak one or two updates in, but I’ll more than likely see you beautiful people in the new year!